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This thin layer is ideal for under a jersey or long sleeve top.  It functions well when you only need a light workout top for warmer days or heavier workouts. This sleeveless option is optimal when you need maximum freedom in movement. The cut of this athletic top is also perfect for any overhead sports, such as tennis.

  • Fabric: Made from 100% 'flyweight' Coolmax material. It wicks moisture away to the outer layers so your skin stays dry and you stay warm.
  • Design:  This short-sleeved top is designed for any weather or setting. Great on its own for warm days outside or in the gym, but also great for layering when it gets chilly!
  • Fit:   Form fitting enough to be functional while you work out, but loose enough to eliminate concerns of clinging.
  • Function: Functions well during cooler and warmer workouts.
  • Made in USA: Designed and manufactured in San Luis Obispo, CA – where all GH Sportswear is made
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Sleeveless Top

Aug 8, 2013

"The Women’s Sleeveless Top is extremely soft! I also loved the fit – it was tight enough that it didn’t move around much while running, but also was not constricting in any way. The women’s sleeveless top is not flashy but it certainly was designed to function. I never felt any chafing. Overall I was happy with the quality and thought the top held up to my long miles.  Even after washing I didn’t notice any fading of color and the top remained soft."

- Deanna (NY)