Product Testing

Before any garment we produce is put on the shelves of our retail or online stores, it is thoroughly tested and scrutinized by our Product Testing Team and revamped by our designers, sometimes over and over again, until the result is premium quality, excellent fit and solid construction. Since we design and manufacture our own apparel in-house, all feedback received directly impacts the final product.

Who makes a good GH Product Tester?

Do you run, cycle, swim, workout, or do triathlons consistently? Are you particular about your fitness apparel’s performance, comfort, and longevity? Are you detail-oriented, have good follow-through, and enjoy providing critical feedback? If you’re thinking “wow, this is definitely me,” then you may be a good fit for our Product Testing Team.

Those invited to be product testers are sent garments relevant to their fitness programs (at no charge). They put our products to the test, analyzing their cut, style, fabric, value, etc. and providing our staff with this valuable feedback. In return for their comments we say thank you by allowing them to keep the products.

Interested in Applying?

If you’re interested in becoming a GH Product Tester, we encourage you to contact us and provide us with the following information. We’ll be in touch with you after that.

  • Workout schedule
  • Size (top and bottoms)
  • Sport of interest
  • Location: city and state.