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G2 - Generation 2 Meryl/Lycra gives a long easy recovery that won't restrict movement, yet provides great support, lightly sanded to give a soft hand, the G2 fabric is great for running, indoor activities, works well as a layering piece in any sport from skiing to horse riding. We also use this fabric in our women's exercise line to provide the comfort and support desired. 86% Meryl nylon, 14% Lycra

Dri - Polyester nylon spandex tri-blend that provides a moisture management system to keep you comfortable even if the garment is wet. Garments made from our GH Dri are great for wet, cold, or snow conditions, great piece for layering for a cool nighttime run. 5.75 oz 84% Polyester, 16% Lycra.

Dri Heavy - This 5 material blend gives you all you could want on those colder days. Similar feel to our GH Dri fabric except the added Wool keeps you warmer and the addition of Rayon and and Acrylic leaves a softer feel. 7.0 oz fabric gives you warmth while remaining breathable. 20% Polyester, 14% Acrylic, 47% Rayon, 9% Wool 10% Lycra.

EX-Lycra - Our 5.6 oz EXpansion Lycra has great stretching properties which make it a prime candidate for rash guards, classic swim suits, and spliced sections for more form fitting comfort. Lycra is the classic swim material but is being replaced by the Dura2 fabric due to its deterioration in chlorine and other elements. Lycra is a great option for seasonal swimwear or form-fitted garments. 83% Nylon, 17% Spandex.

Comp Lycra - GH Compression Lycra is a thicker version of our EX-Lycra. This extra thickness means more containment of muscles which reduces jarring and tearing of the muscles, reducing at-once fatigue and recovery time. This 7.0 oz Lycra becomes ideal for Tri, Cycle, and Animal shorts with it's muscle containment and form fitting features. 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex.

Dura - Durable a non-Lycra 100% polyester with stretch almost comparable to nylon Lycra, will last months longer in chlorine, no special care needed as does nylon Lycra, suits have lasted up to 10 months and in some cases years, holds less water than nylon Lycra, dries quicker and hold its shape longer, very durable and is very supportive.

Dura2- Our newer 100% polyester, non-Lycra, swim line fabric. Last just as long as our Dura fabric but has the same stretching properties as Lycra suits, the best of both worlds, This fabric has all the benefits of Lycra but it wont fade, it wont get baggy over time, and it will not get destroyed by the chlorine.

WP Endur- Our Endurance fabric was specifically chosen for use in our water polo suits. This extra thick 13.5 oz fabric holds up against the chlorine and elements. 93% polyester gives it the extra strength polo players need and the 7% spandex gives the stretch needed for a tight form-fitting suit.

Thunder Fleece - This Thunder Mesh 100% Polyester fabric insulates while remaining breathable. Exceptional in cool to cold waters and was initially developed in our Aqua Thermal Jacket after requests for a warm, flexible, and long lasting jacket for aqua aerobics. This 11.0 oz Mesh face with fleece backing fabric delivers a windproof, warm and breathable unit. Chlorine cant touch the 100% Polyester.

Nyplex - Light woven nylon coated fabric, rain and wind proof, the ratio of weight to function is unbeatable, ideal for cycling, running, golf and many other sports - especially in climates that change rapidly. The GH Nyplex is light and compact enough that it can be stored in a small space, or taken along as back up in doubtful weather conditions tucked in a pocket.

Sof - Polyester supplex - has a cotton like feel that is very durable and light, dries quickly, works well in any sport that is demanding on it, rugged yet supple, GH Sof is a good everyday go-to that holds up under day to day use.

Quad - This 4 way stretch woven fabric moves with the body in any direction. Nylon Micro denier yarn creates a soft feel and a super light fabric. Reduce friction, weight, and heat with this slick fabric. 87% Nylon, 13% Spandex.

Stretch Woven - Like the GH Quad material, this 4 way stretch woven fabric is perfect for any activity where mobility is a concern. Also very lightweight and breathable so it is great for running in the heat.

Tec - Coolmax qualities, 100% polyester that is light weight, dries quickly, used in garments for summer application and for layering in winter. Our GH Tec Tops have been used by the local sheriff, swat team and Highway Patrol under their uniforms for more comfort.

Nail-head Mesh - 100% polyester that wicks moisture away to keep you dry and cool during those warmer workouts. Also has an anti-microbial coating that keeps the garment smelling and feeling fresher for longer. Weight: 4.3 oz

Box Mesh - Slightly heavier and woven differently than the GH Nail-head Mesh, it too has an anti-microbial coating for continued freshness. The 100% polyester has great wicking ability to keep moisture away and keep you cool and comfortable.

Neoprene - A warm material used for insulation during early morning and cold weather swim or water aerobics. The synthetic material is lightweight and provides extra buoyancy in the water, while holding up well in the chlorine for extended periods of time. 

Polar Fleece- 100% polyester that provides a thick, yet breathable, insulating layer for those cold weather runs and hikes. Not only does it keep you warm, but the soft polyester is very comfortable for extended uses.

GH Bike Pad- Made out of the GH Polar Fleece because of the breathability and softness. The hand-sewn pad is constructed to provide an anatomically accurate shape that creates maximum comfort while eliminating chaffing.