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Long-sleeve Running Top

Enjoy comfort and function at its best with this long-sleeve Dri Top designed with medium-weight Dryline fabric (same fabric that our Munich Light Tight is made from).

Wicking Fabric

You’ll find it regulates body temperature by wicking sweat away from the skin, offering the perfect amount of warmth for early morning and cold weather activities.

Quarter Zip

Its quarter front zipper provides ventilation ideal for cycling, running, walking, aerobics, or even kayaking. Made in the USA.

  • Design:  Technical fabric designed to keep your body dry and warm yet breathable
  • Fit:  Form fitting enough to be functional while you work out, but loose enough to eliminate concerns of clinging.
  • Function: Performs well in the rain, mild heat, cool temperatures, and wind.
  • Fabric: Highly technical Dryline Fabric (polyester-lycra blend) offers superior wicking capability and breathability.
  • Made in USA: Designed and manufactured in San Luis Obispo, CA – where all GH Sportswear is made.


Mens Top

Mar 3, 2014

"I like how comfortable it was as well as the styling. I can wear it to work out and also casually. I have gotten many compliments about this shirt from friends and clients on how good it looks, as well as how good the material feels to the touch. It’s not just functional and fits very well, but fashionable. How could you go wrong?"

David (VA)

Dri Top Tester

Mar 3, 2013

"Best thing about the DriTop is the lycra-stretch fabric.  It’s extremely light-weight, yet tough and very wind resistant.  My first time out I feared the top would be too light for the chilling wind, but not so.  The top breathes perfectly too.  Even after a long hard run, it comes off dry. I wear it whenever the temp is above 40, and because of its toughness I’m not afraid to wear it in the woods on trail runs, where I spend most of my weekends."

David (CT)

Ultimate Sports Top

Feb 2, 2013

"I absolutely love the GH Dri Top because of its ultimate versatility.  Cold runs?  Check.  Gusty winds?  Check.  Wear between classes for style?  Yes.  I literally use this top for any condtion and it has yet to fail.  The fit is looser than some of the slimmer options, but when fully zipped, it just fits and works without limiting function.  It is the perfect thickness to provide warmth against the cold and the wind, or any element that you may face.  This top also allows me  to wear a wicking t shirt underneath for added warmth and ultimate wicking power.  I can use this top when I get some morning coffee beacuse of the great athletic look and feel, and then after I can go out for my morning run with the same top.  As a matter of fact, I've been wearing the top this entire review!  I love it!" -Jesse

Dri Top

Feb 2, 2013

"I bought these tops hoping that they would be similar to their forerunner the Hind Drylete top. Unfortunately, for me the fit was too loose to wear next to my skin (also different feel), and the neck zip is also too big. Going down a size, I think would make the sleeves too short. On the positive side, they do seem to provide a nice warm wind barrier when I use it over a short sleeve wicking tee. If the fit was tighter I would buy more." -Hans Bogdanos

Favorite GH Item

Feb 2, 2013

"In my opinion this is the best item made at GH Sports. The fabric is thicker than normal long sleeves so it keeps me warm on my late night runs or while its raining. I tend to get hot even when its chilly out so it's easy to roll up my sleeves and zip down the front. Also great as a layer for backpacking and camping. Perfect fit and a clean look." -Garrett

does the job very well

Feb 2, 2013

"very comfortable fabric, I am a hot runner and a heavy sweater. Sweat and heat are always a concern for me...this fabric did not make me hot and it wicked away the sweat, it's not a heavy weight fabric like many of the zip tops and I currently have which is really nice and layers nicely as well. It does the job very well for temps 33 degrees to 40 degrees!"  ~Brance Graham

weight is perfect, wicks away moisture

Jan 1, 2013

 "The soft material, loose neck (non-constricting), hourglass fit, and long sleeves (don't ride up when arms swing) all add to the comfort of the Dri Top. The weight is perfect, for it allows one use as an under layer below a shell, or wear as an outer layer. The Dri Top also does do a good job of wicking away moisture due to perspiration." ~Paul Catalano