GH Women's Dura2 One Piece

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Missing your size? Check out our new Dura3 fabric, same durabilty, same fit, softer feel, more stretch: GH Women's Dura3 One Piece

A long-lasting polyester racer style suit. Smooth non-lycra fabric is faster in the water and does not deteriorate like lycra! Absorbs less water than lycra therefore dries more quickly. Double-lined in front with a snug supportive fit for lap swimming and racing. For aqua aerobic classes you may wish to size up for a looser fit. Stretchier, softer and longer lasting than our original Dura suits. Made in the USA.



GH Suit

Aug 8, 2014

"I love my new suit. My past two suits were from GH sports and they lasted for 5 years each and I'm a lifeguard/swimmer so that is impressive to me. I am not as excited about the thinness of the straps and high cut of neck line. I am all about a modest fit and a good snug fit for swimming but it is just a little to high. I'm not sure I would have purchased it if I'd tried it on in the store rather than ordering online. BUT, I still love the suit. It seem even sturdier than the first two which were a much older design. The stitching is nice and doubled up. The back is solidly put together. I don't feel like there is a weak part to the suit. (For example, some suits have straps that expire before the rest of the suit or their strap attachment isn't good so that fails early) Not the case here! 

I'll be taking it abroad for the year and I feel confident that I won't need any other suit while I there."

- Erica (CA)

Five Stars

Jul 7, 2013

"My favorite thing about this swimsuit is the fit. As a former lifeguard, I have tried many swimsuits. Finding a swimsuit that is truly made to stay in place, in my opinion, is very rare. With that said, I feel that this swimsuit is rare."

Rachel Reed

Dura 2 Suit

Apr 4, 2013

"I love this suit.  It fits well.  Doesn't drag in the water.  And it lasts a very long time.  I have ordered this suit in the past and just hope GH continues to make this one."

-Carol (Ca)