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The GH Women's WP-Endur Water Polo suit is designed to provide you with the durability, support and comfort needed during water polo matches and practices. The suit is made from a thick single-layer, WP-Endur fabric that is a blend of 93% polyester (that helps the suit withstand countless use in chlorinated water) and 7% spandex (that allows the suit to be form fitting and flexible for a perfect fit). Its cover stitching around the seams ensures flexibility for comfort and performance, its flat seams down the sides of the body and around the leg openings reduce chaffing and irritation, and its back zipper closure provides a snug fit.  

  • Design: Full neck and back coverage and thick durable fabric makes the GH Water Polo Suit a game-ready suit.
  • Fit: Tight fit with 13.5 inch zipper ensures minimal movement and optimal comfort come game time.
  • Function: Great for practice or games, this suit endures time and time again.
  • Fabric: Highly technical 13.5 oz WP-Endur fabric contains 93% Polyester for longevity, and 7% Spandex for stretch and comfort.
  • Made in USA: Designed and manufactured in San Luis Obispo, CA – where all GH Sportswear is made.

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Longest lasting suit

Sep 9, 2013

"I am on the Cal Poly Women's Polo Team and I used this suit for the better part of our past 5 month season. Not only was it one of the longest lasting suit I have worn since I started playing 14 years ago but it is also by far the most comfortable. The thick fabric makes it tough to grab and rip even if you are not sizing way down. I highly recommend this suit to any ladies who play the sport."

- Leah