On October 31, 2012, GH Sports' staff, family, and friends were shocked and saddened by the loss of Greg Hind, our irreplaceable founder, leader, and visionary. His short, yet intense, fight to defeat acute myeloid leukemia did not end as all of us had hoped. He passed away way too young (66), yet his impact on family, friends, customers, vendors, athletes, and the sports industry as a whole left a legacy that lives on.

As one long-time friend put it, "he was everything all wrapped up into one human." He had perseverance, hope, imagination, humility, vision, humor, generosity, guts, and so much more. 


The Greg Hind Company (GH Company Inc) was founded with his invention and patent of the first water polo protective ear guard when Greg was a young athlete competing in international water polo. This product became mandatory equipment and enabled his company to be an Official Olympic supplier of the product in the 1972, 1976, and 1980 Olympic Games. 


As we mourn the loss of this wonderful man, we aim to take what we learned from Greg and move forward with the GH brand he created - just as he would wish. His vision will continue to drive our design decisions, our customer interactions, and our passion for health, fitness, and happiness. 

The Hind Family has been overwhelmed with the love and support expressed by so many who were impacted by Greg, and we are happy to share the below news stories and public comments. We invite you to share your memories of Greg on our facebook page or via our contact form to be saved in a memory book for his family. 

In Loving Memory, 

GH Sports

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GH Sports Facebook Page, Comments

  • Alex Rosen: 'My condolences. I never met him but I am well aware of his legacy & the positive impact he had on the central coast.
  • Liz Lopez Byrnes: Sad to hear of this. He always shared his time and knowledge with his customers.
  • John Mayo: Very sad. I worked for him and Jane for a few years. Very nice man.
  • Matthew Michael: I am shocked. What a great man. He will be missed.
  • Brett Murphy: My condolences to the Hind family. Thinking of you guys.
  • Taylor Crabb: I am so saddened by this news. My thoughts are with the Hinds. I am so happy to have known him this short while!
  • Stacey Davis White: Our thoughts are with the Hind family. Greg was generous with his time, knowledge and talents. Thank you Greg for the impact that you had on our family, this community and all that knew you.
  • Bill Mulder: I'm so sad to hear this. Greg was someone I looked up to as an entrepenuer, philanthropist and county citizen.
  • Marge Collins: Greg was a genuinely nice, caring man. He touched many lives. So sad.
  • Fred Matthes: Very sad to hear ... met Greg in the early years of Hind-Wells just as the ground-breaking innovative style of lycra running gear was just starting to catch on ... early 80's while I worked with Converse prior to the 1984 L.A. Olympics and we outfitted our elite track and field athletes in all Hind-Wells gear. Great person with a great visionary mind for sport.  R.I.P. Greg.
  • Hilary White: Sorry to learn of this. I remember Hind-Wells athletic gear and I had lots of those. I never heard of GH Sports, that must be the new name. He sounds like a really good man, what takes a healthy athlete so young?
  • Elizabeth Mills: So sorry to hear this sad news. Greg was always so nice and helpful to me. My prayers go out to all at GH and his family.
  • Cecile Rogers Demartini: Definitely sad news. His legacy will last forever here on the Central Coast.
  • John Geisen: So sad to hear this. Our condolences to the Hind family.
  • Michelle Stevens: I'm so sorry to hear this that Greg has passed. He was a generous and kind man and will be missed by many in the community.
  • Steve Slaughter: Very sad news. Greg was truly a fine man.
  • Hammond Chiropractic: Our thoughts are with Greg's family. Truly an inspirational person, Greg will be missed.
  • Pete Kelley: Greg turned around a whole group of Avila low life's by putting on the Avila one mile swim in 1980!
  • Shanda Green: My husband got me into running about 8 years ago. I had numerous shoe and foot problems and couldn't really get past the 5k distance. He heard about Greg, we walked in, got our foot shape and gait analyzed and Greg recommended my shoe: Mizuno Wave Rider. I have been running in GH-bought Wave Riders ever since. I've done races of all distances, including 2 marathons and owe SO much to Greg for helping me to enjoy this. We loved the store and even got to demo a couple of samples (half swim shirts) that he made. I am so honored to have made this man's acquaintance. It's been wonderful to see how much of an impact he made in our community, too. Hugs to the GH family. I wish you all well. I will probably think of Greg every time I run from now on.