Customer Stories

It's important in life that we all take time to celebrate our successes. So when our customers share how our apparel has played a part in their adventures, their triumphs, their challenges, their stories, we sit back, smile, tip our hats, and enjoy the moment. Life is about enjoying moments and memories, and we're thrilled if we have somehow been a part of yours.

Do you have some of our original Hind Sport Tights? Hind Running Shorts? Hind Compy Goggles? Other other popular HIND vintage apparel? We'd love for you to get in touch and share your story with us. 

L'shele Hamilton, runner and dog lover

"My history with GH Sports begins back in the 90's with Hind performance when I began my first stint with running and lived in Boston. I bought my first pair of Hind running pants (I still have them and they are every bit as wonderful today as they were then!). 

Recently (within the past 2-3 years) I have began running again, although MUCH shorter distances, and started searching for more Hind apparel. I was getting really frustrated and then was able to connect that GH Sports and Hind were one in the same. I ordered the skin tight fit capris and G2 sport tight running pants and am so happy to report that NOTHING has changed at all. By far, hands down, without a doubt, GH Sports running pants are the superior running pant."

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Rich Mondoux, Kitchener, Ontario Canada

"In 1974, I was 70 lbs overweight and a heavy smoker. I joined the YMCA and began a running program, which I continue to do today. When I joined the YMCA it took four months to run my first non-stop mile; I have now run the equivalent of twice around the equator...and look forward to many more years of running (and cycling)! 
In the early days, most running clothing was cotton based. One of our local running retailers began carrying HIND products and we tried them out.  It quickly became clear that the clothing out-performedand out-lasted anything else we had access to. 
I reconnected with GH Sports a couple of years ago, googling it to see if there were still Hind products out there to replace some of my well-worn items. It was great news to discover that Greg Hind continued to develop apparel through GH Sports, and that quality products are once again available."
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Logan Saunders, retired U.S. Army, triathlete & cyclist

"I started bicycling while stationed in Germany in the late 1980’s. That eventually translated into triathlons. I accidently found a pair of HIND 3/4 length cycling shorts in the PX in the Netherlands and liked them. So, I amassed a basic supply of HIND shorts and tights. I kept and used these until 1993 when I retired from both the Army (had served 20 years and a combat tour) and from triathlon/cycling due to repetitive injury.

In approximately 2002, I decided to try bicycling again but with a hybrid instead of a tri-bike. I lived in N.C. near Asheville at the time and needed some items. Performance Bicycle had a HIND lightweight Cycling Jacket on close-out sale for a very competitive price and I ordered it in Black/XL. I was surprised at how GOOD the item was; that’s the jacket I still have to this day. After 11 years, it’s showing some wear but it still does its job and all zippers work fine."