Key Moments & Milestones

1966 - GH Company was started!
After suffering a ruptured ear drum, Greg Hind (a Pan-Am and U.S. Olympic Trials Water Polo player) developed and patented the first ever Water Polo Protective Headgear, called the G-H Ear Guard. The development of the G-H Water Polo Ear Guard accomplished its purpose by virtually eliminating the occurrence of ear injuries. It was also responsible for major legislative bodies (AAU,NCAA, FINA) adopting a new mandatory rule of its use by all participating athletes.

1968 - The G-H Ear Guard used for the first time in championship water polo.

1972 - Greg Hind incorporates the company.

1972-1976 - GH develops Swim Accessories: Compy Goggle (patent), Lap Display (patent), and Hand Paddles.

1977 - GH develops its first apparel - Water Polo Suit.

1978 - GH develops its first 2-Piece Competition Swimsuit for women.

1979 - GH develops the ST2 Jog Pant.

1980 - Willie Gault wore HIND's new lycra running tights on the cover of Sports Illustrated, the product took off.

1983 - ST2 name changed to Sportight.

1984 - HIND introduces Polypropylene Sportight and Windjammer Suit.

1985 - HIND enters cycling market with development of Tailwin Short.

1986 - HIND introduces Animal Short. Develops ProCore.

1987 - HIND assists W.L. Gore & Allied Fibers in the development of Dryline Fabric.

1988 - HIND markets first Dryline Sportight and Sportop.

1989 - HIND trademarks Drylete name and introduces Night Blade Reflective Cycle Short. Greg Hind named California and Western Region Entrepreneur of the Year

1990 - HIND introduces Prime Inner Line.

1991 - HIND develops technical apparel line for women only and introduces Tour Suede Inner Liner.

1992 - HIND introduces Dryplex to Sporting Goods Industry.

1995 - HIND patents the 8-panel Cycle Short.

1996 - Greg Hind sells HIND.

1997 - Greg Hind starts GH Sports, designing and manufactured run, cycle, swim, fitness, and triathlon apparel. launches.