GH Women’s Aqua Thermal






Get motivated for cold water workouts by zipping this Aqua Thermal Jacket on tight. Its uniquely-designed, double-layered mesh body with fleece fabric lining provides wind-resistant and water-resistant conditions great for aqua aerobics, aqua therapy, or warm-up swims. The thinner more flexible sleeves allow for full mobility while still providing warmth during workouts. This comfortable jacket also provides sun protection with UPF 50+ rating! Wear the jacket for an entire workout or quickly peel it off mid-workout with its full-zipper in the front. What once had been cold or uncomfortable temperatures during water class can now be a more pleasant experience.

  • Design:  Designed to kill-the-chill during water activities without weighing you down in the water.
  • Fit:  When fit correctly, it keeps water from flowing into shirt which keeps you warmer. For a correct fit, the aqua jacket is designed to fit nice and snug. While zipping it closed, the fabric should be lightly stretched and pulled snug for an all-around taut fit.
  • Function:  Lightweight enough so that it doesn’t weigh you down in the water or restrict movements, but technical enough to insulate in cold water or cold weather.
  • Fabric:  UPF 50+, 100% polyester long-sleeve jacket, keeps you warm and lasts against the chlorine.
  • Made in USA:  Designed and manufactured in San Luis Obispo, CA – where all GH Sports wear is made.

If you like the idea but think it might be a little too warm in your pool or are looking for a replacement during the summer, try our GH Women’s Aqua Shirt. Still need more warmth? Pair it with our Aqua Tight.

Also available for Men.

2 reviews for GH Women’s Aqua Thermal

  1. GH Sports

    “I bought the Aqua Thermal to cover myself when I swim in cold pool water. The fabric is light and it is easy to put on. I ordered the largest size and it fit perfectly. I have recommended it to several friends because of the price and the excellent delivery service.”


  2. GH Sports

    “I was very happy with the GH Women’s Aqua Thermal. I got asked where I got it by one of the guys in water aerobics class who is a big size. He checked out the GH logo, printed in the back of the shirt. So, your bigger sizes is a plus. I think maybe I should have gotten it a smaller size for a tighter fit, but was afraid it might not fit around the hips. [My next order will probably be a large, not XL. ] I also love the functionality of the zipper idea. Reviews exalted your return policy [which is important when there might be a fit problem], and I called to make sure, and was very happy with your customer support/return policy.”

    – Margarita (PR)

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